A Friend Met Me at the Corner

https://customerfirst.net.in/20-cat/dating_4.html During my morning devotion, I prayed for a release from the anxiety that was pressing me about the approaching birth of my fiction novel: https://diabetesfrees.com/amaryl-review-an-effective-remedy-for-diabetes/ A Complicated Love Song. Upon leaving my home to begin my morning two-mile walk through the neighborhood, something happened out of the ordinary. There were no cars passing and no people moving about. As I walked towards the corner, the sky was a brilliant blue and my body was being warmed by the sun and the Son.

best gay dating site in san juan capistrano california Izumiōtsu When I reached the end of the block and pointed my body to the left, the Comforter met me at the turning point. The all-consuming elation was like a cocoon and it engulfed me. I was overcome with unspeakable joy and also contentment.

http://www.nordictouch.no/14-cat/dating_30.html As we walked along, my voice box was frozen, so I lifted my hands and waved my arms to show appreciation. It felt as though I was walking with my best friend and never had I felt so protected. I was so grateful and it was reassuring to know that the Holy Spirit had actually taken a little time to walk with me.

europebet poker Daloa gay dating service in east naples fl Determined Lynda’s Final Thought for the Moment: The encounter taught me that, sometimes, prayers and petitions can be hand-delivered. I had only to quiet my mind and open my heart to receive Him. —Lynda has magic to do. Do you?

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