Eight Months Pregnant

I’m in my eighth month of pregnancy, carrying http://makse.com/?kremel=matchmaking-ladder-cs-go&81d=7a opcje binarne bdswiss opinie opcje binarne darmowe konto demo mit 5000 euro optionen handeln hookup insider fbh watch site de rencontre musulmane pour mariage gratuit rencontrer un homme c'est être tenu par une énigme mga negosyanteng dating mahirap A Complicated Love Song and it has been a long and difficult journey. I have preeclampsia, a dangerous complication, in which the doctor placed me on people rest. I had to keep to myself with my feet elevated and write, write, write. I did so faithfully for 417 consecutive days, no matter what else was going on with me or in the world.

At this point in my pregnancy, I’m far beyond showing—I’m huge—but I’m glowing. I can’t help but shout it to the nations. “Hey everyone, my baby is on the way! I can feel her kicking and I’m excited and nervous at the same time.” Now, that the hour is drawing near, the distance I traveled and the morning sickness I endured don’t seem half as bad—although they both were dreadful.

Determined Lynda’s Final Thought for the Moment: Although pain and sacrifice are not strong enough words to describe what I’ve been through, I’m certain that joy is on the horizon. — Lynda has magic to do. Do you?

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