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    First of the Month at Walmart 

    On cialis “Sore Ankles/Long Lines/Last Minute Grocery Shopping Wednesday” before Thanksgiving, I went to my nearest Super Walmart to pick up a few things to make corn pudding and candied yams. They are at the top of my list of edible items that I know how to cook and my close friends and family will eat. While there, I purchased four boxes of outdoor Christmas lights. Upon plugging them in on prayingly buy paxlovid price “Black Friday” after Thanksgiving, a random box decided not to shine radiantly when connected to the socket. Of course, I had to return them.

    Using the brightest bulb in my mind, I waited until https://technolojist.com/39020-paxlovid-uk-buy-online-25893/ “Bruised-Body Saturday” after Thanksgiving to go back to Walmart. Because the store was still crowded, I retreated until two days later on https://parquejoyero.es/55025-paxlovid-where-to-buy-33694/ “Disgusted Lynda Has to Return This Malfunctioning Box of Christmas Lights Monday” after Thanksgiving. To my surprise, it was the first of the month and the store was, once again, crowded. This time with retirees and others whose checks, cards, vouchers, et cetera had activated on that very same day. There was no turning back, so I weathered the where to buy paxlovid in the uk locally “One Person Only Working the Customer Service Station” and returned my faulty item.

    Since I was in my favorite store, I decided to browse the lanes and pick up a few things. I encountered Ebony and Ivory—two boisterous barely grown women with full carts blocking the aisle. Besides a difference in race, their up-the-creek/same boat-no paddle predicament was similarly situated. They were deep in dialogue, describing their previous night’s escapades, their babies’ daddies, and general bad-girl behavior. With colorful metaphors flying, the dramatization was playing-out in the presence of their children—three stair-step youngsters each—toddlers barely walking.

    As I went about my business shopping, I encountered a couple of those babies running wild and in harm’s way. On each sighting, I hauled them back to Ebony and Ivory who didn’t seem to notice they had been gone or my presence in returning them. The main character in my novel can you buy paxlovid over the counter A Complicated Love Song Bettina Charles has a Great-Aunty named Arizona Zooni Watkins who is known as the Dispatcher of Evil for true-to-form reasons. Coincidentally, Aunty Zooni was in the Walmart watching the incident unfold and a point came where she intervened.

    While I chased after three of the children in the Electronics Department, Aunty Zooni found Ebony and Ivory in the Grocery section next to the ground beef display. Of course, she tossed pieces of her mind at them. “I been looking and listening and this don’t make no cotton picking sense,” she reprimanded. “Ya’ll need to shut up all that cackling and yapping and look after your own damn youngins. And when you get a spare minute, knot yourselves up, so you don’t make no more lost little lambs like these misfortunate ankle biters. Both of ya’ll are just young, dumb, and then some.”

    Determined Lynda’s Final Thought for the Moment: If your situation is similar to Ebony and Ivory’s, leave the younglings with a baby daddy, a tribal leader, or willing worker before journeying to Walmart. Also, upon first glance, walk in the opposite direction to stay out of Aunty Zooni’s line of fire. —Lynda has magic to do. Do you?

    Copyright © 2014, Lynda Jones-Burns. All Rights Reserved.

  • Lynda Jones-Burns 2:50 pm on November 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    It’s a Bouncing Baby Girl 

    Hey everybody, my baby is born!!! She’s even more beautiful than I imagined. Her name, A Complicated Love Song, fits her perfectly. The twists and turns along the main character Bettina Charles’s journey are indeed complex. In fact, the activity can be likened to a metronome—moving back and forth from happy-glad to gloomy-sad.

    As a good piece of literature, this mainstream fiction novel is a page-tuner—suspenseful, humorous, and emotionally stirring. There are even a few historical tidbits thrown in for good measure. If you ever wanted to jump inside of another persona, A Complicated Love Song is the perfect vehicle. Upon climbing aboard Good Ship Tina, you’ll have the opportunity to record an album, perfect dancing and entertainment skills, be catered to by an entourage, and receive accolades from your adoring fans. As part of the package deal, however, you will experience adverse effects manifested as loss, lies, and loneliness—pesky paparazzi, preposterous propaganda, and private problems presented to the public. Above all other discoveries, the strength found in God’s love is ever-present.

    Determined Lynda’s Final Thought for the Moment: Every now and again, it’s good to disappear in plain sight, experience adventure, and return unscathed. A Complicated Love Song is that kind of escapade. —Lynda has magic to do. Do you?

    Copyright © 2014, Lynda Jones-Burns. All Rights Reserved.

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    A Friend Met Me at the Corner 

    During my morning devotion, I prayed for a release from the anxiety that was pressing me about the approaching birth of my fiction novel: A Complicated Love Song. Upon leaving my home to begin my morning two-mile walk through the neighborhood, something happened out of the ordinary. There were no cars passing and no people moving about. As I walked towards the corner, the sky was a brilliant blue and my body was being warmed by the sun and the Son.

    When I reached the end of the block and pointed my body to the left, the Comforter met me at the turning point. The all-consuming elation was like a cocoon and it engulfed me. I was overcome with unspeakable joy and also contentment.

    As we walked along, my voice box was frozen, so I lifted my hands and waved my arms to show appreciation. It felt as though I was walking with my best friend and never had I felt so protected. I was so grateful and it was reassuring to know that the Holy Spirit had actually taken a little time to walk with me.

    Determined Lynda’s Final Thought for the Moment: The encounter taught me that, sometimes, prayers and petitions can be hand-delivered. I had only to quiet my mind and open my heart to receive Him. —Lynda has magic to do. Do you?

    Copyright © 2014, Lynda Jones-Burns. All Rights Reserved.

    • Nzinga 6:17 am on November 16, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for sharing. The Creator have given you an amazing talent. Good luck with your book. Can’t wait :)))))

    • Linda Moore 6:54 pm on November 8, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I was elated as I read your writing about your walk with the Holy Spirit. It is always refreshing to know that people you love truly love Jesus too. As, I read your writings of how you felt protected by the Holy Spirit. I truly understand because I have been developing a closer walk with Jesus too . It’s good to know Jesus left so that the comforter will come to help and protect us. How good is that especially when life can be so challenging sometimes . I’m so proud of you that you have stepped out of self to let God use you in expressive writing . I wish you sucess in your book. Love your cousin and Sister in Christ Linda Moore

    • John Joseph 4:46 pm on November 6, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      God is good

  • Lynda Jones-Burns 1:03 pm on November 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Run When It’s Time to Go! 

    I found out the hard way not to stay when it’s time to go. The place where I tarried too long—the dreadful environment—was my last job. There, you have it. My first problem was laid before me. I was holding tight to something that didn’t belong to me. Since I wasn’t a company owner, it wasn’t—MY JOB to begin with.

    That place of employment wasn’t a professional dream situation. I wasn’t doing what I loved for a company with scruples. In terms of office morale, other staffers were miserable as well. We were micro-managed, criticized, and required to do more with no emotional attagirls/attaboys or increased financial incentives.

    In terms of an upward climb, forget about it. The firm was focused on profit margins, not professional mobility unless you were a member of their “Good Ole Clan.” At the prison camp—I mean the job, the atmosphere was not cute, pleasant, and didn’t qualify as meaningful. The work wasn’t about making a difference to a life or a community. That should have been my only reason to toss self-preservation aside.

    I often asked myself. “Determined Lynda, why did you stay in that hell hole when God had long revealed to you in so many ways that it was past time to go?” The reason was disobedience. I remained because, for a brief moment in time, I forgot who fed and clothed me. I actually believed that job was the only means to my end. Because I convinced myself to believe that comedy, I settled for a little of nothing instead of opening my eyes to a lot of everything.

    Well, long after it was time to go, the noose was tightened so severely that my physical and emotional health was on life support—waning rapidly. That was God’s way to force me to get up from that desk, move out of that cubicle, and sashay to the closest big red, lighted sign reading: EXIT. Lo and behold, instead of fear, there was freedom on the other side of that door. Instead of the poor house, there was peace. I restarted my professional engine, solely focused on completing my assignment while doing something I loved—writing A Complicated Love Song. And guess what! To the slightest iota, that nightmare job hasn’t entered my mind. I haven’t looked back.

    Determined Lynda’s Final Thought for the Moment: If your situation is similar, I suggest that when you know better, do better. Don’t be as bold as me and walk out, but devise an escape plan. Start digging yourself a tunnel. When the coast is clear, crawl for your life. Nothing’s going to change, so get the hell out of there! —Lynda has magic to do. Do you?

    Copyright © 2014, Lynda Jones-Burns. All Rights Reserved.

    • John Joseph 4:49 pm on November 6, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Got to be ready for a change when the time is right. Right-on my sister!!

  • Lynda Jones-Burns 5:31 am on October 31, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Magic To Do 

    For those of you who’ve read several of my Blogs, you’ve probably noticed that I always end them with “Determined Lynda has magic to do.” One of my previous blogs explained why I coined the phrase: Determined Lynda. Since I feel at one with my faithful readers, I want to share the reason I adopted the mantra: “I’ve got magic to do.”

    Coincidentally, Bettina Charles, the star of my novel A Complicated Love Song, was born on the same day as me — June thirtieth and many of our experiences are similar. When we both, were little girls, ten years old to be exact, we experienced our first Broadway musical at the Imperial Theatre, of course, in New York City. Since I didn’t see Tina there, I’m just going to speak for myself from this point forward.

    As I sat in the audience watching Ben Vereen perform the leading role, I was amazed. For the entire performance, I couldn’t help but have a big smile on my face and a sparkle in my eyes. It was then, while watching him bedazzle me and the entire audience, I fell in love with live theatre—musicals, pure dramas, ballet, opera, and the symphony. I’ve spent my life in the appreciation of the performing arts. It’s one of my most favorite things. Well, from the instant Ben Vereen uttered the lyrical phrase, “I’ve got magic to do,” I received it. From then to now, I’ve lived my life believing that I can make magic happen.

    Determined Lynda’s Final Thought for the Moment: The belief that something enchanting will materialize changes dreams into success stories. —Lynda has magic to do. Do you?

    Copyright © 2014, Lynda Jones-Burns. All Rights Reserved.